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Comparative analysis of water catchments in south east asia

Water Catchment in Southeast Asia: A Vital Resource

Southeast Asia faces diverse challenges in water management due to its varied geography and climate. Let's delve into the water catchment situation across countries in the region:


With approximately 1,574 cubic meters per capita, Thailand grapples with water scarcity despite its abundant rainfall. Source: World Bank


Facing water stress, Vietnam's water availability stands at around 3,834 cubic meters per capita. However, uneven distribution poses a significant challenge. Source: Asian Development Bank


 Water catchment in Malaysia is crucial, especially in light of increasing demand. The country maintains a per capita water availability of about 2,870 cubic meters.

Source: Water Watch


Despite having rich water resources, Indonesia's water catchment requires sustainable management. It has approximately 2,175 cubic meters per capita. Source: World Resources Institute


As a city-state, Singapore has prioritized water sustainability. It relies on catchment areas, yielding about 430 million gallons daily. Source: PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency

The complex landscape of Southeast Asia demands collaborative efforts and innovative strategies to ensure efficient water catchment, addressing both water scarcity and quality concerns.

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