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About BlueStrike Research


BlueStrike is active in two areas of Research:

Scientific Research

A specific area of research that BlueStrike has been active over the past 20 years is in the field of Climatology and more specifically the analysis of proxies to determine the evolution of oceanic currents and its impacts on the atmospheric and oceanic systems interactions over long periods of times (1000+ years).


In the early 2000's BlueStrike started ground breaking research looking into the use of deep sea marine organisms (i.e. certain species of deep Gorgonians - deep sea corals) to analyze the evolution of ocean temperatures and variation trends of major oceanic currents.


The results which were the first of the kind at the time used a new techniques to monitor the Strontium/Magnesium isotopic ratios by ICPAES, a type of spectrometric analysis. 

Research Square

Industrial Research

In addition to scientific research, another area of BlueStrike research interest has been in the field of industrial research and more specifically the incorporation of sustainability practices within Large Complex Projects executions (i.e. Projects with assigned capital of a least 1 billions USD).

To learn more about BlueStrike's research in this particular field please refer to our peer reviewed published papers: here

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