BlueStrike is a unique Sustainable Business Think Tank providing thought leadership on aspects of risks management and change strategies.

Through its research activity, its initiatives and interventions, BlueStrike wants to participate in the public debate, advance knowledge but also encourage comprehension of emerging issues, the spread of best practices and promotion of innovative sustainable solutions. 

Bluestrike is also a publication house and has produced various resources (including books and articles) on aspects of strategic changes and risks management with a particular focus on sustainability topics.


What is BlueStrike? 

Blue: "the environment" + Strike: "impact" = an impact for sustainability 

BlueStrike Structure:

BlueStrike comprises two distinct ventures:

- BlueStrike Publishing: to date BlueStrike has produced dozens of articles and 2 books

- BlueStrike Advisory: providing cutting hedge consulting services to governments,  large and small companies.

BlueStrike is interested to hear from people who share its vision