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Comparative analysis of urban greenery in south east asia

Exciting developments in urban greenery across Southeast Asia! 

Recent data showcases a positive trend in green infrastructure, promoting sustainability and well-being.


Leading the way, Singapore boasts an impressive 47% green cover, integrating nature into urban spaces (Source: National Parks Board, Singapore).


 Kuala Lumpur's commitment to green initiatives results in 18% green space coverage, enhancing the city's livability (Source: Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Ministry, Malaysia).


Bangkok's green coverage is at 30%, reflecting the city's efforts towards a healthier environment (Source: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration).


Jakarta, with 23% green coverage, is embracing green urban planning for sustainable development (Source: Jakarta Green and Open Space Agency).

These figures underscore the region's dedication to balancing urbanization with environmental preservation, creating more vibrant and resilient cities. Let's continue to champion green initiatives for a sustainable future! 

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