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Comparative analysis of underground water reserves in south east asia

Exploring the Dynamics of Underground Water Reserves in Southeast Asia 

Did you know that Southeast Asian countries are grappling with the challenge of sustainable water usage from underground reserves? Let's delve into the facts and figures:


 Facing increased water stress, Vietnam extracts over 10 billion cubic meters of groundwater annually (source: World Bank, 2021). Implementing robust management strategies is crucial.


With approximately 60% of its population relying on groundwater, Thailand faces declining aquifer levels. A 2023 study (source: Thai Water Resources Association) highlights the urgency for conservation.


Rapid urbanization and industrialization contribute to excessive groundwater extraction. A 2022 report by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment emphasizes the need for sustainable practices. Indonesia extracts over 22 billion cubic meters of groundwater annually (source: Indonesian Ministry of Environment, 2022).


 Striking a balance between agriculture and urban demands is essential. Malaysia extracts over 3 billion cubic meters annually, as per the National Water Services Commission. Groundwater extraction increased by 15% from 2020 to 2023 (source: National Water Services Commission, 2023).


 Water scarcity is a growing concern. The Philippine Water Resources Association reports that groundwater over-extraction is evident in multiple regions. Groundwater extraction in the Philippines reached 6 billion cubic meters in 2022 (source: Philippine Water Resources Association, 2022).


 Limited data, but anecdotal evidence suggests challenges. Comprehensive studies are essential to understand the situation and formulate effective policies. Groundwater extraction figures are currently under assessment (source: Myanmar Water Authority).

Let's foster dialogue and collaborative solutions to ensure the longevity of our shared water resources. 


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