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Comparative analysis of the deployment of solar photovoltaic farms in south east asia

Solar PV Deployment in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis

Southeast Asia is experiencing a remarkable shift towards sustainable energy sources, particularly evident in the growing deployment of solar photovoltaic (PV) farms. Let's explore the comparative deployment of solar PV farms across key countries in the region.


Thailand leads the region with an installed solar capacity of over 5.8 GW as of 2022 (Source: International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA). This impressive growth is attributed to robust government incentives and policies that have encouraged investment in the sector.


Vietnam has rapidly emerged as a solar energy hotspot, boasting an installed capacity of approximately 16.5 GW by the end of 2021 (Source: Vietnam Electricity). This growth is fueled by the country's abundant solar resources and favorable regulatory environment.


Malaysia has embraced solar energy with an installed capacity of around 4.4 GW (Source: Malaysian Investment Development Authority). Notably, the country's push towards renewable energy aims to achieve a target of 20% electricity generation from renewable sources by 2025.


Indonesia, despite its potential, has seen a slower uptake, with an installed capacity of approximately 0.8 GW (Source: Institute for Essential Services Reform). Challenges such as regulatory hurdles and infrastructure constraints have hampered its solar growth.


The Philippines has made commendable strides, boasting an installed capacity of around 2.1 GW (Source: Philippine Department of Energy). Factors like favorable solar conditions and government initiatives continue to drive the country's solar expansion.

Southeast Asian countries are collectively advancing towards a sustainable future through solar PV deployment. While each nation faces distinct challenges, the overall trajectory underscores the region's potential as a growing solar powerhouse.

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