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Comparative analysis of the cost of Water among South East Asian Countries

Exploring the Cost of Water in Southeast Asia

Water is an essential resource, and its accessibility and affordability vary significantly across Southeast Asian countries. Let's take a closer look at the cost of water in this diverse region, backed by facts and figures from reliable sources.


Singapore invests heavily in water infrastructure, with NEWater and desalination plants. The average cost per cubic meter is SGD 1.68 or circa 1.24 USD (source: PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency).


Vietnam, on the other hand, offers relatively affordable water. The average cost per cubic meter in Ho Chi Minh City is around VND 11,500 or virca 0.50USD (source: Ho Chi Minh City Water Corporation).


In Thailand, water prices can vary from region to region. In Bangkok, the average cost per cubic meter is THB 12.40 or circa 0.37USD (source: Metropolitan Waterworks Authority).


The Philippines faces challenges in providing affordable water to all. In Metro Manila, the average cost per cubic meter is PHP 24.82 or circa 0.50USD (source: Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System).


Indonesia, with its vast archipelago, grapples with differing water costs. In Jakarta, the average cost per cubic meter is IDR 8,720 or circa 0.62 USD (source: Jakarta Water Supply Regulatory Body).

These figures illustrate the disparities in water affordability within Southeast Asia. Access to clean and affordable water remains a pressing issue, highlighting the need for sustainable water management and investment in the region.

Let's work together to ensure equitable access to this vital resource across Southeast Asia!

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