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Comparative analysis of the cost of Grid Electricity among south east asian countries

Embracing Sustainable Solutions: Comparing Grid Electricity Costs in Southeast Asia

Sustainability is at the heart of our global agenda, and it starts with understanding the energy landscape. Let's take a closer look at the cost of grid electricity in Southeast Asian countries, shedding light on the path to a greener future.

Vietnam: Did you know that Vietnam boasts one of the lowest grid electricity costs in the region at just $0.078 per kWh? Source: World Bank (2021).

Thailand: Aiming for sustainability, Thailand's grid electricity costs approximately $0.106 per kWh, making it a competitive player. Source: International Energy Agency (IEA, 2020).

Malaysia: With a price tag of around $0.105 per kWh, Malaysia is making strides in energy efficiency. Source: Malaysia Energy Commission (2020).

Philippines: At $0.130 per kWh, the Philippines faces challenges but is committed to renewable energy adoption. Source: Department of Energy, Philippines (2021).

Indonesia: Indonesia is on its way to reducing costs, currently at $0.092 per kWh. Source: PLN (2020).

These figures reveal both opportunities and challenges in the region. Sustainable energy sources, like solar and wind, can play a pivotal role in driving down costs while reducing carbon emissions.

Let's join hands to foster innovation, policy changes, and investments in Southeast Asia's energy sector. Together, we can build a brighter, greener future!

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