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Comparative analysis of sustainable textile in south east asia

Sustainable Fabric Production in Southeast Asia: A Comparative InsightWhen it comes to sustainable fabric production, Southeast Asian countries have been making remarkable progress. 

 Let's delve into the numbers and initiatives shaping the region's textile industry.


 leads with a reduction of 10-15% in water consumption in recent years, thanks to innovative technologies in its textile industry. (Source: VITAS)

 Thailand has invested heavily in research on organic cotton, with an increase of 25% in sustainable cotton farming practices. (Source: THTI)

Indonesia focuses on eco-friendly fibers like bamboo and hemp, with a 20% rise in the use of these materials, reducing environmental impact. (Source: API)


has witnessed a 30% surge in the utilization of recycled polyester, significantly minimizing waste in textile production. (Source: MTMA)

The Philippines is at the forefront of reducing chemical usage, with 40% of research efforts centered on natural dyes. (Source: PTRI)

These figures reflect the concerted efforts across these nations towards sustainable textile manufacturing, paving the way for a greener future in fashion. 

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