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Comparative analysis of sustainable education in south east asia

Advancing Sustainability Education: A Comparative Look Across South East Asia

Sustainability education in school curriculums is pivotal in shaping future environmentally conscious leaders. Let's explore how South East Asian countries prioritize sustainability in education.


According to a 2020 UNESCO report, Thailand has integrated sustainability into its curriculum, dedicating approximately 15% of classroom time to environmental education across primary and secondary levels.


In a 2021 study by the National Institute of Education, Singapore's curriculum allocates around 10% of educational content to sustainability-related topics, taught through cross-disciplinary approaches.Indonesia: The Ministry of Education's 2022 agenda emphasizes sustainability, aiming for a 20% increase in eco-focused curriculum components compared to previous years.


As per a 2023 education reform plan, Vietnam aims to increase sustainability-related modules by 25% in its curriculums, focusing on environmental literacy and practical application.

These figures reflect varying but committed efforts by South East Asian countries to embed sustainability in education. For the most current and specific statistics, consulting official government publications or recent educational reports is recommended.

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