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Comparative analysis of sustainability reporting trends among south east asian countries

Exploring Sustainability Reporting Trends in Southeast Asia

Sustainability reporting is a vital tool for businesses and nations to track their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. In Southeast Asia, we see remarkable variations in sustainability reporting practices among countries. Let's dive into some key trends:

Singapore: A regional leader in sustainability reporting, with 74% of listed companies disclosing ESG data. Source: Singapore Exchange

Malaysia: Emphasizing ESG, Malaysia boasts an 88% increase in sustainability reporting from 2019 to 2021. Source: Bursa Malaysia

Thailand: Increasingly proactive, with 60% of companies reporting on ESG metrics, fostering responsible business practices. Source: Thailand Sustainable Investment Guide

Indonesia: Progress is evident, with the number of companies reporting on sustainability growing by 150% in the past five years. Source: Indonesia Global Compact Network

Philippines: Encouragingly, over 300 Philippine companies have integrated sustainability into their operations, as per the Philippine Business for the Environment. Source: PBEd

Vietnam: A rising star, 71% of Vietnamese businesses are incorporating sustainability into their corporate strategy. Source: Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development

It's clear that Southeast Asian countries are making significant strides in sustainability reporting, contributing to a more sustainable future. Whether you're an investor, a business leader, or an advocate for positive change, staying informed about these trends is essential. Let's continue to support and drive progress towards a more sustainable and responsible business environment.

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