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Comparative analysis of solar farms in south east asia

Embracing the Future of Solar Power in Southeast Asia 

Did you know? Floating solar farms are revolutionizing renewable energy across Southeast Asia, tapping into the region's abundant water bodies for sustainable power generation.


Leading the charge with a 2.7 GW floating solar potential by 2037, according to the World Bank. (Source: World Bank Report on Thailand's Solar Energy Development)


Emerging as a key player, aiming for 800 MW by 2025. (Source: Vietnam Electricity (EVN) Green Energy Strategy)


Pioneering innovation with the world's largest floating solar testbed at Tengeh Reservoir, aiming to power 1,250 homes. (Source: Singapore's Public Utilities Board (PUB))


Targeting 1.2 GW floating solar capacity by 2030, leveraging its reservoirs and dams. (Source: Malaysia's Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change Ministry)


Exploring potential sites with an estimated capacity of 2.7 GW. (Source: Philippine Department of Energy)

Harnessing just a fraction of these capacities could significantly boost the region's renewable energy portfolio, advancing sustainability goals while leveraging Southeast Asia's water resources.Let's amplify the conversation on sustainable energy initiatives shaping the region's future! 

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