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Comparative analysis of shipping pollution in south east asia

Let's dive deeper into the regulatory landscape addressing marine traffic pollution in Southeast Asia:


 Indonesia's Maritime Law (Law No. 17/2008) emphasizes marine environmental protection. The Indonesian government allocated $2 billion for marine pollution control.Source: Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia.


Vietnam's Law on Environmental Protection (Law No. 55/2014) outlines measures to control marine pollution.Vietnam aims to reduce marine pollution by 70% by 2030.Source: Vietnam Environment Administration.


Thailand's Marine Pollution Control Act (B.E. 2548) sets guidelines for pollution prevention. Thailand invested $30 million in upgrading its port facilities for eco-friendly practices.Source: Pollution Control Department, Thailand.

 Malaysia: Malaysia's Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952 regulates vessels' environmental impact. Malaysia committed to reducing marine pollution by 50% through the Malaysia Shipping Master Plan.Source: Marine Department Malaysia.

 Philippines: The Clean Water Act (R.A. 9275) in the Philippines addresses water quality, including marine areas. The Philippines aims to establish 50 more marine-protected areas by 2025.Source: Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines.

Collaboration and compliance with these regulations are essential for a sustainable future. Let's work together to uphold these standards and protect our marine ecosystems. 

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