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Comparative analysis of rooftop solar in south east asia

Thrilled to share the strides Southeast Asia is making in embracing rooftop solar heaters! 

Recent data from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reveals a 30% upswing in installations across the region in 2023.


A commendable 45% surge in rooftop solar heaters, driven by robust government incentives and heightened public awareness (Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam).


Following suit, Thailand records a 35% increase, supported by progressive policies promoting clean energy solutions (Source: Thai Ministry of Energy).


Notable 25% growth, propelled by strategic partnerships between the government and private sector (Source: Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources).


Demonstrating a 20% rise, credited to favorable feed-in tariff schemes encouraging rooftop solar adoption (Source: Sustainable Energy Development Authority, Malaysia).

These figures signify a significant shift towards sustainable energy practices in Southeast Asia. Let's continue to harness the power of rooftop solar heaters for a greener future! 

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