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Comparative analysis of rainwater harvesting among south east asian countries

Rainwater Harvesting in Southeast Asia: A Regional Comparison

Rainwater harvesting is a crucial practice for water resource management, especially in water-scarce regions like Southeast Asia. Let's explore the varying rates across the region with some compelling facts and figures. Singapore Boasts an impressive 75% rainwater harvesting rate.Source: PUB Singapore Thailand Utilizes rainwater harvesting at a rate of 20%.Source: The Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand Vietnam. Rapidly growing, Vietnam has achieved a 15% rate.Source: Vietnam Association of Water Supply and Sewerage Indonesia Rainwater harvesting is on the rise with a 10% adoption rate.Source: Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia Malaysia Records indicate a 7% rate, with potential for growth.Source: National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia These statistics reveal the diverse approaches to rainwater harvesting in Southeast Asia. It's clear that Singapore leads the way, while other countries are progressively adopting this sustainable practice. As we address water scarcity challenges, sharing knowledge and experiences across borders can pave the way for a more sustainable future. Let's continue working towards a greener and more water-resilient Southeast Asia! #RainwaterHarvesting #WaterManagement #Sustainability

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