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Comparative analysis of paper usage in south east asia

Exploring Paper Production in Southeast Asia 

Diving into the fascinating world of paper production in Southeast Asia! Let's compare some key figures:


A paper production powerhouse! In 2022, Indonesia ranked among the top global producers, contributing over 18 million metric tons. Sources attribute this to the nation's vast forestry resources and robust paper industry infrastructure (Source: FAO).

Thailand: An emerging player! Thailand has steadily increased its paper production, reaching around 10 million metric tons in 2022. The country's commitment to sustainable forestry practices has played a pivotal role in this growth (Source: Thai Pulp and Paper Industry Association).


Making strides! Vietnam has witnessed significant expansion in its paper sector, with production surpassing 5 million metric tons in 2022. Government initiatives promoting the pulp and paper industry have fueled this upward trend (Source: Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association).


A dynamic contributor! Malaysia has maintained a stable paper production output, hovering around 4 million metric tons. The country's emphasis on eco-friendly practices positions it as a key player in the sustainable paper production landscape (Source: Malaysian Timber Industry Board).

It's inspiring to witness how these nations are shaping the global paper industry with a blend of scale, sustainability, and innovation. Let's continue championing responsible paper production! 

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