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Comparative analysis of micro hydro in south east asia

Excited to share insights on micro-hydroelectric projects in Southeast Asia, a region harnessing sustainable energy solutions! 


Embracing hydro potential, Vietnam has witnessed a surge in micro-hydro projects. The government's commitment to renewable energy has led to a 20% increase in micro-hydro installations in the past year. (Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade)


Positioned as the "Battery of Southeast Asia," Laos boasts significant micro-hydro contributions, meeting over 30% of its energy needs. Key projects include Nam Ou and Nam Ngiep. (Source: Lao Ministry of Energy and Mines)


Transitioning to green energy, Thailand has seen a 15% growth in micro-hydro installations, supporting its ambitious target to achieve 30% renewable energy by 2030. (Source: Thailand Power Development Plan)


 Focused on rural electrification, Cambodia's micro-hydro projects are pivotal. Recent initiatives have powered remote communities, enhancing socio-economic development. (Source: Ministry of Mines and Energy)

These figures underscore the region's commitment to a sustainable energy future. Let's continue to champion eco-friendly solutions! 

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