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Comparative analysis of hydrogen infrastructures in south east asia

Exciting Developments in Hydrogen-Ready Infrastructures Across Southeast Asia! 

 Southeast Asia is rapidly embracing hydrogen as a key player in the clean energy transition. Let's explore the remarkable progress and country-specific advancements:


Leading the charge, Singapore aims to deploy 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) by 2023, with plans to develop a hydrogen hub at the Jurong Island petrochemical complex. (Source: NEA Singapore)


Positioned as a regional hydrogen player, Malaysia has unveiled the Green Hydrogen Economy Roadmap, targeting 3 gigawatts of green hydrogen production by 2030. (Source: MESTECC Malaysia)


Emphasizing hydrogen as a key energy vector, Thailand envisions a hydrogen economy, with plans to establish hydrogen production and distribution facilities. (Source: EGAT Thailand)


Committed to sustainable energy, Indonesia has initiated projects like the Indonesia Green Hydrogen Roadmap, aiming for 2 GW of green hydrogen production by 2030. (Source: MEMR Indonesia)


In line with its green energy goals, Vietnam is exploring hydrogen applications in industries and transportation, contributing to the global shift towards cleaner energy. (Source: MOIT Vietnam)

These initiatives underscore the region's dedication to hydrogen-ready infrastructures, fostering innovation and sustainability. The future looks bright as Southeast Asia shapes itself into a hub for clean energy solutions!

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