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Comparative analysis of geothermal energy in south east asia

Geothermal energy in Southeast Asian countries is a growing force in the renewable energy landscape.

Indonesia: Indonesia leads the region in geothermal capacity, with over 2.1 GW of installed capacity, making it one of the top geothermal producers in the world. [Source: International Geothermal Association] Philippines: The Philippines is another geothermal powerhouse, with over 1.9 GW of installed capacity. Geothermal energy contributes significantly to their energy mix. [Source: Department of Energy, Philippines] Malaysia: Malaysia has also entered the geothermal arena, with plans to harness its geothermal potential to diversify its energy sources. [Source: Malaysian Investment Development Authority] Vietnam: Vietnam has been exploring geothermal resources, and projects are underway to tap into this clean energy source. [Source: Vietnam Energy Association] Thailand: Thailand is studying its geothermal potential and considering its inclusion in the energy mix for a sustainable future. [Source: Thailand's Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency] The growth of geothermal energy in Southeast Asia is a positive step towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. With the region's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change, geothermal energy plays a crucial role. #sustainability #sustainableinvesting #sustainablefinance #geothermal

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