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Comparative analysis of climate coastal protection in south east asia

Embracing the urgent call for action on climate change and coastal protection in Southeast Asia! 


Challenge: Rising sea levels threaten 10% of the population.

Efforts: Vietnam's Coastal Protection and Resilience Project (World Bank, 2021).


Issue: Coastal erosion affects 17% of the coastline.

Initiative: Thailand's Climate Change Master Plan (Thai Government, 2022).


Concern: Over 50% of the population lives in coastal areas exposed to typhoons.

Action: Mangrove restoration projects (DENR, 2023).


Threat: Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, faces severe subsidence due to over-extraction of groundwater.

Response: National Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation (Indonesian Ministry of Environment, 2022).


Risk: Sea level rise endangers critical infrastructure in low-lying areas.Initiative: Malaysia's Green Technology Master Plan (MITI, 2023).

Let's amplify these efforts and work collaboratively for a resilient and sustainable Southeast Asia! 

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