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Comparative analysis of carbon trading landscape in south east asia

Excited to share insights on the evolving carbon trading landscape in Southeast Asia. Exploring the region's commitment to sustainability, here's a breakdown of carbon trading strategies among key countries:


Leading with the Carbon Pricing Act, setting a carbon tax of SGD 5 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions.Emission Reduction: 20% by 2030.Source: Singapore Government


Focused on the Green Technology Master Plan, emphasizing carbon reduction initiatives.Emission Reduction: Targeting 45% reduction by 2030.Source: Malaysian Green Technology Corporation


Implemented a cap-and-trade system, with the Energy Ministry actively promoting emission reduction.Emission Reduction: Aiming for 20-25% reduction by 2030.Source: Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization


Launched the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund, encouraging emissions reduction projects.Emission Reduction: Commitment to 29% reduction by 2030.Source: Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia


Pioneering the market-based approach, integrating carbon pricing into national policies.Emission Reduction: Targeting 8% reduction by 2030.Source: Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Let's continue the dialogue on sustainable practices, fostering collaboration for a greener Southeast Asia. 

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