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Comparative analysis of bottled water use in south east asia

Exploring Bottled Water Consumption in Southeast Asia 

Did you know that Southeast Asian countries collectively contribute significantly to the global consumption of bottled water? Let's delve into some eye-opening facts and figures, shedding light on this widespread practice.


 With an annual per capita consumption of approximately 42.2 liters, the Philippines ranks among the highest consumers of bottled water in the region. (Source: Euromonitor International)


The archipelago sees a booming bottled water market, witnessing a 10% annual growth rate. The convenience factor and rising health awareness contribute to this surge. (Source: World Bank)


 Despite having access to safe tap water in urban areas, Thailand witnesses a growing reliance on bottled water, with an annual consumption of around 25.5 liters per person. (Source: National Statistical Office Thailand)


 Rapid urbanization and changing lifestyles have fueled a spike in bottled water consumption, reaching around 18.6 liters per capita annually. (Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam)


The country embraces bottled water, with an annual consumption of 20.3 liters per person. The rising middle class and urbanization contribute to this trend. (Source: Ministry of Health Malaysia)

It's crucial to reflect on these figures and consider sustainable alternatives. Let's collectively work towards reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly hydration solutions in the region. 

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