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Celebrating Progress Towards SDG 10 in Southeast Asia! 

Celebrating Progress Towards SDG 10 in Southeast Asia! 

As we strive for a more inclusive and equal world, it's inspiring to witness the remarkable strides made by Southeast Asian countries in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities. Let's delve into some impactful statistics showcasing the region's progress:

Income Inequality Reduction: 

Countries like Thailand and Vietnam have shown a decrease in income inequality. Thailand's Gini coefficient, a measure of income inequality, declined from 0.53 in 2000 to 0.41 in 2020 (World Bank).

Access to Education: 

The Philippines has made commendable progress in enhancing access to education. With primary school net enrollment rates reaching 97.5% in 2021 (UNESCO), the country is moving closer to providing quality education for all.

Gender Equality: 

Indonesia has taken substantial steps towards gender equality. The country increased the proportion of seats held by women in parliament to 20.5% in 2021, a significant rise from previous years (UN Women).

Social Protection Measures: 

Malaysia has implemented robust social protection measures. The coverage of social insurance programs expanded, benefiting a larger percentage of the population (The World Bank).

These achievements reflect the collective efforts of governments, organizations, and individuals working tirelessly towards a more equitable society. However, challenges persist, urging us to continue our collaborative efforts to ensure that no one is left behind.

Let's keep pushing boundaries and collaborating for a brighter, more inclusive future for all!

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