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Comparative analysis of organic waste in south east asia

Celebrating strides in organic waste disposal across South East Asia! 

UNEP's latest report highlights the region's collective efforts, revealing an average organic waste recycling rate of 50% [UNEP Report on Waste Management in South East Asia].

Thailand leads the way at an impressive 65%, fueled by cutting-edge composting practices [Thailand National Waste Management Report]. 

Following closely, Malaysia boasts a 60% recycling rate, underpinned by robust government initiatives [Malaysia National Waste Management Report].

In the Philippines, a 55% recycling rate underscores community involvement and waste-to-energy projects [Philippines National Waste Management Report].

Meanwhile, Singapore showcases an impressive 50%, attributed to advanced waste management systems [Singapore National Waste Management Report].

Expanding our view, Vietnam demonstrates a commendable 45% recycling rate [Vietnam National Waste Management Report], while Indonesia follows suit with 40%, emphasizing community education and public-private partnerships [Indonesia National Waste Management Report].

Kudos to all these nations for their commitment to sustainability! Let's share insights and continue advancing together.

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