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Comparative analysis of heat adaptation policies in south east asia

Excited to share insights on Urban Heat Cooling Policies in Southeast Asia!


With temperatures rising, Thailand is investing heavily in green infrastructure. Bangkok alone is spending $3.8 billion on flood prevention and urban cooling measures by 2022 (source: Bangkok Post).


 Hanoi's Green Tree and Park Company aims to plant one million trees by 2025, reducing urban heat by up to 1 degree Celsius (source: Vietnam News).


The country has allocated $100 million to enhance urban greenery and cool the city (source: CNA).


Jakarta is implementing rooftop gardens, aiming to cover 20% of the city by 2022, reducing temperatures by 3-4 degrees Celsius (source: Jakarta Post).


Kuala Lumpur's Green Building Index encourages sustainable building design, reducing energy consumption and urban heat (source: New Straits Times).

Let's collaborate for cooler, greener cities in Southeast Asia!

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