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Comparative analysis of the cost of hydropower among south east asian countries

Exploring Hydro Energy Costs in Southeast Asia

Hydropower is a vital energy source for many countries in Southeast Asia, harnessing the power of water to generate electricity. Let's dive into a cost comparison across the region.

Vietnam: Vietnam has been investing significantly in hydro energy, with an average cost of $0.045 per kWh, according to the World Bank [source: World Bank, 2021].

Thailand: Thailand boasts a diverse energy mix, and its hydro energy comes at an average cost of $0.053 per kWh, based on data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) [source: IEA, 2020].

Indonesia: Indonesia has made strides in hydro energy, with costs averaging around $0.067 per kWh, as reported by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources [source: MEMR Indonesia, 2021].

Malaysia: Malaysia has tapped into hydropower resources, with an estimated cost of $0.065 per kWh, as per the Malaysian Energy Commission [source: Malaysian Energy Commission, 2020].

Philippines: The Philippines relies on hydro energy to meet its electricity needs, at an average cost of $0.053 per kWh, according to the Department of Energy Philippines [source: DOE Philippines, 2022].

These figures underscore the importance of hydro energy in Southeast Asia's energy landscape, with each country's unique geography and policies influencing costs. Investing in sustainable energy sources like hydropower is crucial for a greener future in the region.

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