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Comparative analysis of hydrogen investments in south east asia

Comparing Hydrogen Investments in Southeast Asian Countries

In recent years, Southeast Asia has emerged as a key player in the global hydrogen market, with various countries investing significantly in this clean energy sector. Let's explore their initiatives:


With its ambitious Green Plan 2030, Singapore aims to deploy hydrogen technologies extensively.The country plans to invest over SGD 100 million in hydrogen-related projects by 2023. (Source: Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment)


Malaysia is leveraging its abundant natural gas resources to produce hydrogen through steam methane reforming.The government plans to invest MYR 3.5 billion in green technology initiatives, including hydrogen production. (Source: Malaysian Investment Development Authority)


Thailand's National Hydrogen Roadmap aims to establish the country as a regional hub for hydrogen production and distribution.The government has allocated THB 20 billion for hydrogen-related projects by 2025. (Source: Thailand Board of Investment)


Indonesia, with its vast renewable energy potential, is eyeing hydrogen as a pathway to sustainable development.Plans include an investment of IDR 300 trillion to develop green energy sources, including hydrogen. (Source: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Indonesia)

These investments signify the region's commitment to a hydrogen-powered future, addressing climate change and fostering economic growth simultaneously.

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